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Movie of Our Technique

Movie of our Technique

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Unwanted Hand Veins & Their Treatments

The saying “you can tell the age of a person from his or her hands and neck“ is almost always true.

Actually, many women complain that their hands appear older than their real age! One of the most common cause for the aging look of hands is unsightly bulging veins. The causes of these bulging veins are usually genetic and related to a gradual increase in size of the veins over a period of years combined with thinning of the overlying skin.

Until 2001, there were only sub-optimal methods to treat this problem, mainly phlebectomy and traditional sclerotherapy. These were associated with scarring and often unsatisfactory results.

Dr. Shamma, from the SoVein clinics, has pioneered these techniques and his work was published in the prestigious Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in 2006 and presented at major scientific conferences.

Our techniques for the treatment of unwanted hand veins at the SoVein clinics are office based using local anesthesia. There is minimal downtime afterwards and patients can resume normal activities immediately. Complications are rare and there are no long term consequences other than that the ablated veins will not be able to be used in the future for venipunctures.

Unlike varicose veins of the legs, the treated veins on the hand disappear permanently and others do not appear. You can find below pictures of some of the patients treated by Dr. Shamma at the SoVein clinics.

Unwanted Hand Veins Treatments

Unwanted Hand Veins Pictures

Unwanted Hand Veins Before/After Pictures


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